A walk in the garden…

The “still, small” voice of God in the midst of our daily chaos.  You know that voice…the one that your hear in the your head when your ready to raise your voice at your child…the one that whispers quietly as you begin to loose your cool in the check out line…that voice that tries to get your attention before you get angry when you are cut off on the highway…that is the small still voice of God…we need to start paying attention.

The “still, small” voice of God is really not “small”.  In the midst of the chaos and noisiness of our lives, we can’t hear God’s voice clearly.  It’s only when we step into the quiet, after the chaos and noisiness has died down, that we can hear Him.  It is in that moment that God’s voice seems small and quiet but it really isn’t.  God’s voice is always clear and present.  It’s just hard to hear Him when we are caught up in the day to day of our lives.

Learn to escape the chaos and embrace the quiet.  Be still and know that He is God.  Just listen and be with Him in the quiet.  He longs for our attention.  He wants to “walk in the garden” with us again.  Won’t you sit and stay awhile in His presence?

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