Holiday Traditions…

Christmas time came quickly this year but we were ready for it.  The decorations are up and the tree is decorated so much earlier than any other year!  Yeah!!!  So happy to be able to enjoy the decorations and the “Christmas feeling” in the house for a longer period of time.  🙂

My husband showed how much he loved me by setting up the tree and straightening all the branches for me…the part that I hate to do!  Love him so much!  Then the fun began!  All the kids enjoyed taking out the ornaments and finding the ones that meant something to them and placing them on the tree.  After all the ornaments went on, then all the other decorations went on…the different colored balls, the red stars, the red bows and the gold leaves.  Oh how I love traditions!  It was so much fun with the kids and I find as they get older, it just gets better and better!

Now to get ready to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus…on to the advent season!  Merry Christmas!

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