Unconditional Love

Dogs are amazing creatures, one of God’s best special creations…but I guess I am biased.  🙂

My family and I own 3 Great Danes.  Actually, sometimes I feel as if they own us, LOL!  Great Danes are a very special breed of dogs…extremely loyal and loving to their owners.  My dogs actually have no idea HOW big they are…they try and sit on our laps all the time!  They also like to back up and sit down on the chairs at our kitchen table…it’s really very entertaining!

I am constantly amazed at how much these dogs love us…their owners.   The more I think about it, I realize that they model unconditional love to us.  We may scold them when they do something wrong but the next minute they are right there next to us looking for us to touch them and pet them.  There are times that we aren’t able to give them the attention that they need, and in those times, they seek us out and “make” us notice them…which is not hard to do considering their size.  🙂

They love to play with us, chase the balls we throw, tug on the rope we are holding, obey our commands so they can be rewarded with the treats we are holding, etc.  They never “hold a grudge” and sulk.  Our dogs constantly look to be where we are.  They are just so full of love for us and never get tired of showing it.

Their example of unconditional love is but a shallow reminder of the love that Jesus has for us.  As we begin the Christmas season, let us all be mindful of the unconditional love shown to us by our Savior.  He came as a meek baby, born in a stable, slept in a manager, grew up as a carpenter, endured hateful criticism and unspeakable acts of violence at the hands of the people He came to save, just so He could die on a wooden cross for ALL of our sins.  All we have to do is believe and follow Him!  How blessed we are to be loved that much!

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